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Good Year, Good Start

Welcome to the new school year 2017-2018!

Students in DFW gradually walk(ed) in their first day of school either from last week already or this week. I asked my students how they feel the first day of school, answers of most of them are similar: SAD! Actually, this is common that you have to accept your vacation is gone, but happily, we get to learn new things in our life journey again! So just be positive, and stay energetic for the year kkk~

This year, I have more high schoolers in our studio, so I work on All-State materials a lot during summer to seek a more efficient way to teach. Many of them have improved over the last year -- We learned spiccato bowing, slurred spiccato bowing, and other right-hand technique. Also, two of my high schoolers get into double-stops already! Hooray! I struggled with intonation of double-stops when I was learning them. I swear that thirds, sixths, eighths, and tenths were my nightmare! So I totally feel my students :( Painful and frustrating in the first few weeks working on putting two fingers together on different strings. Taking a slow tempo and place one finger at a time are always better to start. (I probably need to write another post that specifically discuss how to practice double-stops) Surprisingly, my high schoolers are doing excellent on this challenge! They grow more patience to listen each double-stop's individual line, and find more balance on the bow of playing two strings together. The best is yet to come, but now, they are awesome! I am very proud of them.

See? If my high schoolers can do it, you CAN too! Throw away your negative attitude, enjoy the life that has given to you, learn new knowledges, make new friends, and create a new character of yourself~

Good year, good start!

Source from YouTube Video Gustavo Dudamel : Dvorak - Symphony no. 9 - 4th movement - Allegro con fuoco

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