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Every student has potential to learn an instrument. My goal in teaching is to stimulate students' potential of music learning and to keep their interests refreshed. I like using the method of analogies related to funny and practical experience in daily lives that direct students to better understand instrumental learning. 


Inspired by prominent string pedagogues, such as Paul Rolland, Ivan Galamian, and Shinichi Suzuki, my teaching approach is constantly 

developed in a more scientific and healthy way. Students will gradually be capable of setting up a relaxed body posture, developing solid fundamentals of rhythm and pitch, and making good quality of tone with enduring learning and practice. 


Body Posture

  • Correct feet position

  • Straight spine

  • Balanced and Relaxed body



  • Abilities to identify notes, rhythms, dynamics, and phrases




  • Finger placement and strength, shifting, vibrato, etc.      


  • Correct bow hold

  • Smooth bow movement

  • Different bow distribution

  • Bowing styles


Ear Training

  • Notes and keys identification, rhythmic and melodic sensation


Everyday Routine

  • Open strings warm up

  • Finger enhancements, bowing movements

  • Exercises, scales, arpeggios

  • Etudes, solo/ensemble pieces

  • Orchestra excerpts


Problem Solving

  • Music sight-reading

  • Fingerings                

  • Bowing skills

  • Musical background and understanding

  • Phrasings

  • aural skills

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