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Success on our student recital 2017

On June 3, we held our studio recital at the Christ United Methodist Church. We had seven students perform on the recital, and there were 7 solo pieces and 4 string duets. Student recital is always a great opportunity for students to play in front of the audience, as they can also observe peers' performances and learn from each other. During the recital, every student dressed up nicely, and they took this performance very serious (which is good!) And we also have supportive parents that are very supportive for the recital.

The age of our students range from 6 to 16, and some of them only learn to play string instruments for less than a year, or even just one month and a half! This is amazing, as they all have fantastic performances that make this recital professional and fun!

In the recital, a wide range of musical styles have been performed, including baroque, classical, romantic, and jazz. One of our viola students played Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer" , which is a delightful jazzy piece compared to other works. Instead of standing in the center of the stage and playing straightforward, I helped the student design some plots, and suggested to act a mime to the audience. When people saw our performance together, they all laughed and got into the mime! The student and I were all happy too, as we brought laughter, joy, and enthusiasm of music to everyone who participates in the recital.

Lindsey waved her hands to get my attention

We were having so much fun in the recital, both students and parents liked it a lot! As a music educator, nothing is happier than seeing students' achievement and improvement through the year. When they grow up and look back to their young ages, they will remember there was a teacher spending fun time with them, and delivering good music and positive attitude to them.

There are more special recital moments and videos on instagram and youtube channel, please follow or subscribe our page if you like our studio!

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